Make your company stand out with design at its highest level.

Exciting and bustling visual communications!

Animation – the thrill of movement

3D Animation is by far the best option to grasp and understand individual products – without actually putting your hand on them to feel them. Forte Visual makes it possible – and easy – for you to show exactly how a product works or functions. This is important, and cannot be achieved via traditional media platforms.

2D Animation is great for displaying an idea or a concept in a new way with massive impact. Usually quicker to make than 3D, it gives more of an overview of services and products.

Graphic design – not only the art of pretty

We design to convey meaning to your audience. We combine ideas, images and words in such a way that the message reaches out – and produces a specific effect. Clearness, invitation, beauty, shock, trustworthiness; there are many emotions and understandings that could be your goal.

In other words, graphic design is communication design. Forte Visual makes sure that your message isn’t only the medium – but both of them, combined, excitingly, bustlingly!

Photo and Drone – moments of speed and art

A drone photo or a movie may be what makes all the difference. And some times you need to see in a new perspective, with a bird’s eye, to focus on what’s important. That is what we do.

Delivering stunning photos is something our highly experience photographer is proud of. Events, concerts, wide shots and up close – he’s been at a great number of big acts and knows his way around the stage, both front and back. Photo and music uniquely combined!

Digital and technology – with the future as our palette

In collaboration with highly skilled partners, we deliver digital and technological solutions that span app production and web sites.

For us it is important to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology. Let’s use it to help you be even better.