Bring your vital HSE solutions to life

through the power of visual design.

Animation is to bring to life

Visualize your HSE; bring your HSE solutions to life! It’s no secret: People respond better to animation. An animated message makes everything much easier to understand.

And the big and heavy campaigns aren’t always necessary. Sometimes a little less can be just as important.

[luv_video video=”ønskede-Hendelser-Episode-2-NORSK-web.mp4″ video_autoplay=”true” video_loop=”true” video_mute=”true” video_controls=”false”]

Unique collaborations

To make sure that your employees, associates and clients get the message, we have created a unique collaboration with actors and lecturers. This allows us to hold lectures, create campaigns and even school curriculums that last for shorter or longer periods of time.

Whether one-off or a series of courses: say yes to the message!

Never another major incident

Our ambition is always to improve safety. We help companies and the government in their collective HSE responsibility for employees and resources.

Forte Safety takes an active part in preventing new incidents. Bring your HSE solutions to life!