Entertainment and design

– uniquely combined.

Both music and visuals should be gripping!

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we know. We’ve run the largest record label in Rogaland, managed a great number of bands, done merchandise, and we continue marketing music and entertainment – because we believe in the power of music. We deliver bustling excitement – both for your ears and eyes!

We’ve heard Peter Gabriel, and we concur: “Many can do each thing a little better than me. But only I can combine them the way that I do.”

Promote – make your projects known!

We can help you realize your promotion in all kinds of digital channels. We work with many different ideas and methods – and have the tools to help you build a strong campaign for your needs.

This example is from a client’s hugely popular Christmas Dinner Show.

We’ll help you get organized!

We have the ability and experience to organize and co-organize any event and concert. Forte Music continues to be involved in big arena sell-outs and successful Christmas parties.

This is the poster for nationally acclaimed stand-up comedian Hans Morten Hansen’s sell out shows.

Quality photos – to immortalize the event or concert

Our highly experienced and skilled photographer delivers stunning memories. He’s been at a great number of big acts and knows his way around the stage, both front and back.

This photo is from a big concert with the pop phenomenon “Aqua” – known for their “Barbie Girl” single.