Strong design and bustling excitement

makes Forte Concept a unique collaborative partner.

Forte Concept AS have over 25 years of experience. Our visual designers will make sure you get the right message out!

Forte Concept AS have 3 distinct branches: Forte Visual, Forte Safety and Forte Music. Each branch is specialized in their field: 3D animation, 2D animation, Visual Effects, Graphic Design, Photo and Film production, Music and Entertainment.

Together with our collaborators, we deliver strong and bustling concepts!

Our vision

Forte Concept is a visualisation and communication company. The main focus is on DESIGN, 3D and ANIMATION. With its excellent radiance and charm, Forte Concept will contribute to satisfied and motivated customers, employees and suppliers.

We are developing unique concepts together with our customers!

Our values

Forte Concept is strong and pulsating. Job satisfaction, excitement and enthusiasm is a hallmark.

We help our customers: YES, WE CAN! YES, WE WILL!

Forte Concept is brave. We are motivated, bounce mad ideas off each other, and we demonstrate this through dedication, solution orientation and determination.

Forte Concept shall demonstrate consideration, acceptance, humility and interest to its customers and employees.

Forte Concept shall be characterized as a professional. We are loyal, we are honest, we are clear – and we keep our word. This is how we communicate both with customers and internally.